2023 RECSI Construction Technology Expo

Santa Rosa Veterans Building 1351 Maple Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

The 2023 RECSI Construction Technology Expo is planning a full day with longer exhibitor times, 2 free seminars and lots of networking opportunities. This strategic alliance of architectural, engineering, and construction professionals is meeting to build knowledge, improve project delivery, advance the art and science of building, and for professional development. The product show runs ... Read more


North Bay Zero Waste Symposium

SOMO Village Event Center 1100 Valley House Drive, Rohnert Park, California

North Bay Zero Waste Symposium engages community stakeholders by showcasing zero waste policies, programs and infrastructure that design waste out of the system wherever possible and divert discarded materials through composting, reclaiming, reducing, reusing, and recycling.  We can eliminate waste around the North Bay with the participation of all residents and businesses.  Together, it is possible ... Read more